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MTS's Vexigo ( subsidiary provides digital advertising solutions for online and mobile platforms, and leverages them to offer advertising optimization services to advertisers and website owners.MTS's telecommunications business provides innovative products and services to enterprises for their call accounting and for management of their telecom expenses (TEM).The date for filling up the SSC MTS Form is now extended from 30th January 2017 to 1st February 2017.Read this article to know the extended date of SSC MTS Application Form along with the process to apply online.If the application is incomplete, we will return it (within 15 business days) to the applicant with a letter explaining what is needed.If the application is complete, we will contact the treating medical professional by telephone to verify their certification of the qualifying disabilities.

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MTS Executive staff will review the appeal letter, make a final determination, and generally respond to the applicant within 30 business days. An eligible applicant can save a month once approved.Long Forms are kept in a confidential, locked drawer.SDM Program staff review the Long Form to make sure that it is complete and that the diagnoses fall within our eligibility criteria.Once that information is provided, the application can then be resubmitted for determination.If Long Form applications are considered ineligible, we will return the application to the applicant with a letter stating why it was denied.

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