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On the bonus side, Section 13 does have a procedural-type format going for it, and we all know CBS loves case-of-the-week types of stories.It’ll still be a few months before CBS makes big decisions about what TV programs to sign on for next fall, but we’ll let you know if Section 13 ends up making the cut.But don’t jump to any supernatural conclusions just yet.“For all the speculation about Pierce that I’m sure is going to come out, I’ll say on the record: He’s human,” Henderson reveals.Kettner is best known for writing a few memorable episodes of Bones back before the popular Fox drama lost its edge, including “The Hole in the Heart.” Both Welling and Kettner are also signed on to executive produce the project, which makes sense.

However, after his stint on Smallville ended when the show did in 2011, Welling slowed down and stuck with movies, only popping up in a few projects over the last several years, including Parkland and Draft Day., Welling's wife filed the legal documents on Wednesday (October 16) stating 'irreconcilable differences' for the divorce.The couple wed at Martha's VIneyard in July 2002 and have no children together. As trumpeted at the San Diego Comic-Con, Welling has joined Fox’s supernatural-tinged, comic book-based drama in the series regular role of Marcus Pierce, an accomplished police lieutenant who ruffles feathers at the precinct “The thing I like about [Marcus] is that he comes on a little strong, he’s authoritative and he sort of mixes things up and puts people in their place — especially Chloe (played by Lauren German),” Welling tells TVLine.Lucifer (Tom Ellis), meanwhile, is already a bit rattled after being knocked out and then deposited in the desert with his wings mysteriously restored, “and my character is going to Co-showrunner Joe Henderson says it was “a combination of the right time and the right role,” adding: “Tom is someone that I think a lot of people tried to get back on TV every year, and we didn’t expect to be able to get him, but he was interested.

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