West dating lebron james mom

Now, this rumor was denied by both lawyers of James and West, but there are indications that the rumors are true.

In the video below, Bill Simmons gives his thoughts on the nasty Delonte West rumor, but he has to do this on a radio show because ESPN policy is not to talk about rumors of that nature on the job.

After a short dinner, Le Bron returned to the team hotel with mom’s dinner.

When he arrived at mom’s hotel room door, he was greeted by Delonte West wearing nothing but a towel and a fresh coat of sweat.

But he's known as the guy who maybe, you know, with, you know who's mom.

Delonte and Gloria were hooking up a lot during the Cavs 2010 season.

The rumors came out during the playoffs, which some would argue the speed makes it more likely to be nothing more than a well promoted bullshit story.Until Gloria is ready to publish her memoir’s, and Delonte is still chasing NBA contracts, I doubt we hear what if anything really happened. That's the question that everyone wants to know the answer to this NBA off-season.Fast forward to today, when Wally Szczerbiak appeared on WFAN, when the topic came up.Wally may be one of the few in the know, having played with Le Bron in Cleveland, and on a more extended basis with Delonte for a number of seasons, including three teams, and two trades (from Boston to Seattle and then Seattle to Cleveland).

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