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One is “N” for Northern Hemisphere, the other “S” for Southern Hemisphere. So I enter “N” as the default parameter in Visual Studio; I run my report in Visual Studio, it selects the correct default and away I go…then I try it again in the Reporting Services web portal and it doesn’t work. When the rdl is deployed, it needs to have a correct expression as the default value rather than just the value you want to use, so this means specifying the default value as =”N” like so…

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I have worked with companies like Microsoft, San Disk, Pw C, TMF Group and have extensive experience of implementing complex CRM solutions from both offshore and client side.Confirmed with our administrator that no changes in the report server configuration. So first of all I asked the developer to check if the reports are working fine from BIDS consistently. So after going over the issue for almost 3-4 hours finally found the root cause.A recent parameter has been added to the report which contains significant number of values.However, at this point I need to add more options to a parameter in an existing report. I just wanted to know before I do that if that means I will have to delete and remake my current subscriptions. Of course your report may not generate if there's a new parameter without a default value that the subscription doesn't populate.reporting-services parameters ssrs-2012 subscription reportbuilder3.0 asked Apr 18 '16 at Chad Portman 494 3 6 18 Recommend:reporting services - SSRS 2012 - Evaluating multiple parameters against OLAPle labels (I know the name is confusing but "Measure" is an industry term here): CMS HEDIS CMS/HEDIS @Measure Type needs to limit the results of two columns: Measure Type and Contract Type. I tried to find a source in MSDN but couldn't find anything that said that. Redeploy Reports answered Apr 18 '16 at Hannover Fist 4,335 1 4 19 Awesome thank you – Chad Portman Apr 19 '16 at Recommend:reporting services - Is there a maximum limit for SSRS subscription parameters We can input/select values for the parameters, and run report successfully.

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