Online dating investigations

He called the money used from Davis a "loan."An emailed statement Coats said in part:“I’ll start by saying that this is personally insulting to me, to be held up as an example of the dangers of online dating.I am not now, nor have I ever been a danger to anyone…Kent said they met on, but the conversation quickly shifted to email.She didn’t know leaving an internet dating site was a big, red flag.“We hardly went anywhere,” said Kent.

So, we’re all in the dark as to how often this happens.The main factor was that I was in Georgia temporarily and still resided in Texas.Terms of the agreement, do not allow me to discuss any further, however both sides have moved on….The KVUE Defenders found the dangers show in many forms.While getting hurt may be part of the dating game, Ronda Kent said her last online match was too much.“You think you have found the right person.

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