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I would love for him to see my work and flip out over it.This is my fantasy: he would flip out over it and be like, “I want you to play an anorexic in my next movie”; and then I would have to loose weight for it and be embarrassed about how skinny I am and I would do it for the art.SBC: What’s your take on your relationship with Dwayne Johnson’s character in ‘Snitch’?NV: Actually there was a lot more that they had to cut because of time; the movie was getting too long. There were other stuff at the beginning as well, they were just trying to establish the relationship being that he has a family that he loves and cares for and he’s putting everybody in jeopardy, because he has a estranged relationship with his son and the first wife doesn’t get what the second wife’s about.NV: They gave me a call from an independent movie and they are making an offer, they want me to star in it, they really want me in the film. I also feel like the appointments I’m getting are also very different, I’m no longer the “My Name is Earl girl”; I’ve been getting things that are a little more layered, which I like.

I don’t know of that many Latino directors, maybe Robert Rodriguez.SBC: Let’s talk about your next movie, ‘Aztec Warrior’, what should we expect?NV: ‘Aztec Warrior’ is coming out this fall, that is going to be significant as well because it’s my first comedy lead and I’m carrying the movie as a female lead, so I’ve never done that before.Nadine Velazquez is definitely a rising star in Hollywood.This Puerto Rican beauty already has a solid TV career with her roles in ‘My Name is Earl’, ‘Hart of Dixie’ and ‘The League’ and now she’s slowly making her way into the big screen after some previous attempts a while ago.

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