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Offered for your consideration is a Beautiful 1926 Soderfors Dannemora 70 lb Sweden Anvil - Columbian Hardware Co.

Many thanks for helping me learn about this new world of blacksmithing…

I think two of these are hammers – looks like there are holes for a handle on each of them . Swadges, fullers, punches, drifts, butchers and flatters with handles are top tools which are struck with a hammer or sledge. Hold your flatter on top of the work and hit it with a hammer, not your best forging hammer.

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Offered for your consideration is a vintage 80 lb Sawyers Saw Making Anvil 6" x 10" Face 4 5/8" tall with handle. We're in the process of liquidating a 17 year accumulation of thousands of hand picked collectible and antique items.

Hay Budden Anvil, It weighs 200# it is a swelled horn with Tip intack, Does anyone have an idea what it was Made for, The Hardy tool is removable, A collector friend of Mine bought it Years ago, Said it was worth 00.00? I'm not a blacksmith But My Dad was, He was more a Wheelwright than a Farrier, He had a Fixed location and folks came to him, What a shame I was so Young, I loved watching him Quenching the iron in all those Oil Vats and sands! I want to thank all that replied You will have to send a personal email as I do not see an option to turn on automatic notifications on replies here, and Do not visit here often, Once again Thanks for sharing the info!The overall footprint measures 19 1/4" long x 8 1/2" high x 7 1/2" wide. The horn is 7 1/4" long, the hardy hole is 3/4" and the pritchet hole is 1/2". ****Please note that we are preparing to sell a collection of 20 Anvils in the coming weeks with sizes ranging up to 200 lbs.This anvil is in excellent condition and shows minimal signs of use outside of a few flea bites on the face. **** If you are interested in vintage and primitive items dating back to the early 1800's through the 1900's, please click on our user ID and then click follow or save this seller.Our listings will include collectible tools, military items, railroad, locks, knives, pottery, fishing lures, cast iron, farm implements, anvils, advertising, whistles, bells, watches, clocks, musical instruments, marbles, toys, mining, coins, indian artifacts, fossils, taxidermy, model trains / planes, oil & gas, glassware, bottles, vintage sewing, reference books and many other unique pieces.If you love vintage items, you will not be disappointed.

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