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do you rememberdv8 deviateda theddg drop dead gorgeousdd due diligencede the def definitelydeg deliciously evil grin degt don't even go theredeti don't even think itdfm don't flame me dga don't go anywheredgt don't go therediik damned if I know diku do i know you?dinr dinner dirft do it right first time DIY do it yourself dk don't know dkdc don't know don't care dl download dlg devilish little grin dlbbb don't let the bed bugs bitedltbbb don't let the bed bugs bite dltm don't lie to me dlvry deliverydnc does not computednd do not disturb dndk don't know don't carednr dinner dpkol deep passionate kiss on the lips dqmot don't quote me on thisdtrt do the right thing dts don't think sodunno don't knowdupe duplicatedw don't worrydwim do what I mean dwisnwid do what I say not what I do dxnre dictionary dyjhiw don't you just hate it when dyk do you know dyli do you love itdylm do you like me dyswis do you see what I see e123 easy as one two threeegtbok everything's going to be Okay eft electronic funds transferemsg e-mail message eob end of business eod end of discussion eom end of message epid every person is different eta estimated time of arrival etd estimated time of departure ez easy faq frequently Asked Questions fav favouritefb face book fc fingers Crossed fdrotfl falling down rolling on the floor laughing fitb fill in the blank flt flight foaf friend of a friend foc free of charge focl fall of chair laughing fogc fear of getting caughtfos freedom of speech fotflol falling on the floor laughing out loud fsr for some reasonfst fast ftasb faster than a speeding bullet ftbomh from the bottom of my heart ftl faster than light fttb for the time being fune funny fwd forwardfwiw for What It's Worth fwy freeway fya for your amusement fye for your entertainment fyeo for your eyes only fyi for Your Informationg1 good oneg2g good to gog4i go for itga go ahead gac get a clue gal get A Life gbh great big huggbtw get back to workgf girlfriend gfi go for itgfn gone for now gftd gone for the dayggn gotta go nowgiwist gee I wish I had said that glg goofy little grin glgh good luck and good hunting gigo garbage in garbage outgmesumluvin Give me some lovin gmta great Minds Think Alike gnblfy got nothing but love for you gnblfu got nothing but love for yougnrle generally gns gangnam stylegok god only knows gol giggling out loudgooml get out of my life gowi get on with it gr8 greatgrrr growlinggsh good sense of Humour gsoh good Salary Own Home gtbos glad to be of service gtcu glad to see you gtg got to go gtsy glad to see you gud good gudluk good luck gwi get with itgws get well soon HABU have a better one hagn have a good night hak hugs and kisses hamrd hammered hbb hip beyond beliefhhis hanging head in shame hhoj ha Ha only joking hhok ha Ha only kidding hhos ha Ha only serious hi5 high fivehih hope it helps hldmecls hold me close hlo hello hny happy new yearhsik how should I know hsp highly sensitive person hud how are you goinghugz hugshth hope this helps humr humour hw hardware hwru how are you iaaa I am an accountant iaad I am a doctor iaal I am a lawyer iac in any case iae In any event ianal I am not a lawyer iat I am tirediaut I adore you too iay I adore you iayt I adore you too ib I am back ibtd I beg to differ ic I See iccl I couldn't care less icq I Seek you id I'd idgi I don't get it idk I don't know idky I don't know you idm it does matteridn I don't know idst I didn't say that idts I don't think so idtt I'll drink to that idu I don't understand igotubabe Ive got you Babe igp I gotta pee igtp I get the point igu I give up iimad If it makes any difference iinm if I am not mistakeniirc If I recall correctly iitywimwubmad If I tell you what it means will you buy me a drinkiitywimwybmad If I tell you what it means will you buy me a drinkiitywtmwukm If I tell you what this means would you kiss me iitywtmwykm If I tell you what this means would you kiss meiitywubmad if i tell you will you buy me a drinkiitywybmad if i tell you will you buy me a drinkiiwm If it were me ijwtk I just want to know ill I'll ilshibamf I laughed so hard I broke all my furniture lshmsfoaidmt Laughing so hard my sombrero falls off and i drop my tacoilu I Love You ilut I love you too ily I love you ilyt I love you too im I'm imbluv It must be Love ime In my experience imhbco In my humble but correct opinion imho In my humble opinion imi I mean it imjs i'm just sayingimmor I make my own rules imnsho in my not so humble opinion imo in my opinion imoo in my own opinionimtng In meeting imvho In my very humble opinion inbd it's no big dealinmp It's not my problem inpo in no particular order int I'll never tell ioh i'm out of hereiou I owe you iow In Other Words irl In Real Life irt In regards to iss I said so istm It seems to me istr I seem to recall itro In the region off itrw In the real world itsfwi if the shoe fits wear itityflr I think you'll find I'm right iukwim If you know what I mean iuss If you say so ive I've iwalu I will always love you iwaly I will always love you iwbni It would be nice if iyam if you ask meiyd In your dreams iykwim If you know what I mean iyo in your opinioniyq I like you iyss If you say so j4f just for funjdmj just doing my jobjft just for todayjfdi Just do it jff Just for fun jfyi Just for your information jic just in case jit Just in time jk just kiddingjm2c just my two centsjmho Just my humble opinion jmo Just my opinion jtluk Just to let you know juc Juicy k okay kbd keyboardkewl coolkfy Kiss for you khyf know how you feel kir keep it realkit keep in touchkoc Kiss on cheek kol Kiss on lips kotc Kiss on the cheek kotl Kiss on the lips koyl Kiss on your lips kpc keeping parents cluelesskutgw keep up the good work kwim Know what I mean kypo Keep your pants on l8 latel8er laterl8r laterl8rg8r later gatorld long distance ldn London ldr long Distance Relationship ldttwa let's do the time warp again lg lovely greetings lhm lord help me lho laughing head off lifo last in first outljbf let's just be friends lkir little kid in roomlkit like it llta lots and lots of thunderous applauselmho laughing my head off lma leave me alone lmao laughing lmho laughing my head off lmk let me know lnk love and kisses lob lying on bedloflol lying on floor laughing out loud lol laughing out loud lool laughing outrageously out loudloml love of my lifelopsod long on promises short on deliverylshirct laughing so hard I can't type lshmbb laughing so hard my belly is bouncing lshmbh laughing so hard my belly hurts ltic laughing till I cry ltm laughing to myselfltnc long time no see ltns long Time No See lts laughing to self luv love luwamh love you with all my heart lv love ly love you lyl love you lots lylas love you like a sister m2ny me too, not yetm4c meet for coffeembm must be nicemgmt management mhdc my hard disk crashed mhoty my hat's off to you mia missing in actionmmd make my day mmfu my mate fancies you musm miss you so much mnth month motas member of the appropriate sex motd message of the day motos member of the other sex motss member of the same sex mhoty my hat's off to you mlas my lips are sealedmmha2u my most humble apologies to youmra moving right along msg message msmd monkey see monkey domstm makes sense to memte my thoughts exactly mtfbwu may the force be with you mtfbwy may the force be with you mtg meeting mth month mtng meeting mus miss you so musm miss you so much myob mind your own business n1 nice onen2m not to mention too muchn and nagi not a good idea nalopkt not a lot of people know that nb4t not before timenbn national broadband networkne any nehw no enjoyment hard work nething anything netua nobody ever tells us anything nidwtc no I don't want to chat nih not invented here nimq not in my queue nimby not in my backyardniting anything nm never mind nmp not my problem nmte now more than evernoa not online anymorenom no offense meant noyb none of your business np no problem npf No problem found nqa no questions askednrg energy nrn no reply necessary nta non technical acronym ntymi now that you mention itnu new nufn nothing nvm never mind nw no waynyc not your concern nyi not yet implemented nyp not your problem oao over and out oaus on an unrelated subject obj object obo or best offerobtw oh by the way ofis office oic oh I See ok okay omg oh my God onid oh no i didn'tonbrd on boardotl out to lunch otoh on the other hand otp on the phoneott over the top ottomh off the top of my head oxox hugs and kisses ooxx hugs and kissespcm Please call mepcme Please call me pds Please don't shoot pebcac problem exists between chair and computerpebcak problem exists between chair and computerpkoc Passionate kiss on the cheek pkol Passionate kiss on the lips plmk Please let me know pls please plz Please pmfji Pardon me for jumping in pmigbom Put mind in gear before opening mouth pmji Pardon me for jumping in poahf Put on a happy face posibl Possible pov Point of view pcme Please call me ppl people prl Parents are listening prt Party prty Party prw Parents Are Watching ps P s ptmm Please tell me more ptmy Pleased to meet you ptp pardon the punpuks Pick up kids pw passwordpwd passwordpza pizza q queue qc quality controlqr quick response qsl reply qso conversation qt cutie r are ras running around screaming rafo read and find outrc remote controlrgds regards rl real life rlf real life friend rmnd remind rnn reply not necessaryrofl rolling on the floor laughing roflastc rolling on floor laughing and scaring the cat roflmao rolling on the floor laughing roflmaoay rolling on the floor laughing at you roflmaowtime rolls on the floor laughing with tears in my eyes roflol rolling On the floor laughing out loud rofluts rolls on the floor laughing unable to speak rotfl rolling on the floor laughing rotflmao rolling on the floor laughing rotm right on the money rpg r p g rsn real soon now rtb return to basertfm read the fine manual rtk return to keyboard ru are you rumf Are you male or female ruok are you okay s smiles2r send to receives2u same to youscnr sorry could not resist sed Said enough darling sete Smiling ear to ear shb should have beenshid slaps head in disgust shopn shopping sidu sorry I don't understand siik stuffed if I know sis sister sisdu sorry I still don't understand sitd still in the dark slm see last mail slt something like thatsnag sensitive new age guysoe start of examssop standard operating proceduresohf sense of humour failure sovs Someone very special soz sorry spk speak spoc single point of contactspys speak to you soon sry sorry ssia subject says it allsts so to speaksul See you later swak Sealed with a kiss swalk sent with a loving kiss swdyt so what do you think swht sweet heart swl screaming with laughter t tea tafn that's all for now taft that's a frightening thought tanj there ain't no justice tba to be announced tbc to be continuedtbh to be honesttbyb try before you buy tc take care tcs take care sweetheart tdtu totally devoted to you tel telephone textin texting tgif thanks god it's Friday thanq thank you thats that is thnq thank you thx thanks tia thanks in advance tiail think I am in love tic tongue in cheek timtowtdi there is more than one way to do it tinalo this is not a legal opinion tinar this is not a recommendation tinc there is no cable tinwis this is not what I said tisnc that is so not cooltisl that is so lametisnf that is not fairtisnt that is not truetks thanks tm trust me tmb text me back tmi too much information tmiktliu The more I know the less I understand tmiy take me I'm yours tmtowtdi There's more than one way to do it tnx thanks tom tomorrowtomoz tomorrow tot tons of timetoy thinking of youtptb the powers that be tq thank you trdmc tears running down my cheeks tstb the sooner the betterttfn ta-ta For Now ttg time to gotttt these things take time ttul talk to you later ttyl talk To You Later tvm thank you very much tvmia thanks very much in advance twimc to whom it may concern twis that's what I said twtr twittertwyas that's what you all say twyt that's what you think tx thanks txl thanks a lot txt text txti texting ty thank you tyt take your time tyvm thank you very much u you ucwap up the creek without a paddleudm you're the manunt until next timeur your uraqt you are a cutie urss you are so sweet urw you are welcome usu usually utm you tell mevdpkol very deep passionate kiss on the lips vip very important personvm voice mailvh virtual hug vr virtual reality vri very vry very vt virtual time w8 waitwabi what a bright ideawaci what a cool ideawad without a doubtwai what an idiot wak what a kisswatrudoinltr what are you doing later wb welcome back wbh warm bear hug wbs write back soon wdym what do you mean wdys what did you say wdyt what do you think weg wicked evil grin wf wife wfm worked for mewg wicked grin wi with wk week wknd weekend wlumryme will you marry Me woa work of artwot what wrk work wrt with regard to wru where are you wt without thinking wtg way to go wtmi way too much informationwts want to sellwuc why you cry wuf where Are You From wuwh wish you were here wwyc write when you can wygowm will you go out with me wym what you mean wyp what is your problem wys whatever you say wysiwyg what you see is what you get wysoh where is your sense of humour wyt whatever you think xclusvlyurs exclusively Yours xlnt excellent xqzt exquisitextc ecstasyxoxox hugs and kisses xxoo hugs and kissesy why yafiygi You asked for it you got it yambf You are my best friend ybs you'll be sorry ydkm you do not know me ygbk you gotta be kiddingyglt you are gonna love this yhbt you have been trolled yhl you have lost yiah yes I am here ykwim you know what I mean yl young lady ym young man ymmv your mileage may vary ynk you never know yolo you only live once Yr year ysan you're such a nerdysic why should I careysk you should knowyw you are welcome ywia you are welcome in advance ywsyls you win some you lose some yyssw yeah yeah sure sure whatever $ dollars*g* giggle*H* hug*K* kiss*S* sob*W* wink**// wink wink, nudge nudge/ forward slash\ backslash// double forward slash\ double backslash:$) Rich face:") Blush face:'-( Crying face:( sad face:) Smiley face:*) Drunk face:-# Razes face:-$ Put your money where your mouth is face:-& Tongue-tied face:-" Whistling face:-' Smoker face:-( Sad face:-(0) Shouting face:-) smiling face:-)..Also, the assumption that “humorous = psychologically healthy” isn’t a definite conclusion; there’s evidence to suggest that many people see excessive humour as a sign that someone is psychologically unwell, hence the whole “tears of a clown” cliché.Depressingly for those who believe being funny can compensate for being physically unattractive, that seems to only work up to a point.All these things suggest the person is a good mate, from a health and genetics perspective.So maybe jokes and wordplay are the verbal equivalents of a stag’s antlers, or a peacock’s tail; excessive displays of biological health and fitness. Very few women will look at a man who makes her laugh and think “Phwoarr, I’d love some of his gametes”.” And lo, humour has become deeply entrenched in what is questionably referred to as “human mating”, and in a variety of ways.At the most basic level, it makes sense that we’d be more drawn to someone we find funny.

At last, the physically beautiful finally catch a break! The style of humour and romantic intent plays a role, because people are complex and aren’t limited to binary funny/unfunny or sexy/unsexy judgements.Maybe that’s because a mighty sense of humor is a quality that lets you know you’re dating a keeper.We can’t pretend to ignore the superficial side of things, though: Beautiful people experience life differently (read: mostly better) than most, thanks to the privilege their physical appearance often earns them.If you had to choose between a dating person with a killer sense of humor or a heart-stopping sex-bomb who’s universally lusted over, which one would you go with?Yes, this is about to turn into a never-ending debate over whether wit is more important than looks, but we’re prepared to have fun with it (it’s possible that our bias is totally showing).

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