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The Sky1 series - which aired three years ago, a year after Broadchurch first appeared on screens - saw Jodie take on the role of Trish Tooley in the raunchy drama.

The spicy scenes saw Jodie pressed up against a wall, locked in a passionate embrace with her on-screen lover Kev Allison [Jamie Bamber] before lying on a staircase and throwing back her head in ecstasy as he makes love to her.

While many people are praising the BBC and the show's writers for choosing a female actress, others are saying it's 'political correctness gone mad'.

Twitter user David Stephens said bitterly: 'Sorry this is so called equality, women's rights, political correctness gone mad-Dr Who was written/created as a man!

In the third and final season of the show, Jodie's character Beth played a support worker, who acted as a pillar of support for the victim of rape, whose attack featured as the main focal point of the concluding run of episodes.

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The actor appeared in the spiritual series and showed his determination to repent by voluntarily locking himself in a pillory naked.

The scene featured a closeup of his uncircumcised penis.

Matt Smith [The 11th Doctor] de-robed for his last appearance in the role, in the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas special.

The actor, currently starring in Netflix's The Crown - for which he also stripped down to nothing - regenerated in the Christmas Day instalment as the new most recent Timelord Peter Capaldi.

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