Dating meetup group

When group descriptions or titles are too broad or vague, members don’t know what to expect from that group.Please add a specific interest, lifestyle, or activity to your singles Meetup group.The primary identity lets members know exactly what type of activity or focus the group will have.For example, a singles group called “30-something Singles of Toronto” would not be considered specific enough, but a group called “30-something Single Golfers of Toronto” would be.Groups that promise to cure, alleviate, or reduce physical health, mental health, financial, or legal grievances are prohibited.

This includes groups where professionals give specific advice in these fields.At the time of closure, organizers will be refunded if they do not organize other Meetups.If you receive a notification from Meetup that your group will be closed, please do the following: - Inform your members the group will be closed - We ask that Meetup groups remove upcoming events related to dating services, date coaching, dating clinics, matchmaking, or speed dating, and refrain from hosting these events going forward.The majority of a Meetup group’s events should be in-person and hosted by a local organizer.Meetup is not intended for groups primarily offering online meetings, conference calls, or webinars with no in-person or real-life interaction.

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