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The clubs in Kiev were much better than the clubs in California for sure and for many different reasons.

In Los Angeles, the clubs close at AM and they stop selling alcohol at AM.

They know people are different, and they do not strive to deny or change this.

In fact, most Ukrainians will tell you directly how people of various ethnicities are different, and why.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has something very valuable which the West is fast losing: unity.

Furthermore, all human beings naturally seek and prefer the company of others who are like them.

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I don't really think we have any trouble with any colous of people I know many people of many nations also black! we have mixed kids here too Ukr women have childen and marry with black men but it is not so visible here as in USA I hope you will see what kind of people we are!

But in the West, when those human beings are white, this very human characteristic is suddenly denigrated as racism, and declared to be evil. So, to be perfectly frank, the West now has too much politically correct psycho-baggage to ever really examine these issues objectively.

Ukrainians, on the other hand, have not been brainwashed by political correctness.

Naturally, before I went there, I also heard a lot of negative things about that country and the way black people were treated there.

But I can guarantee you that they are treated just like anywhere else in the West; meaning some people are decent, some are very curious and courteous, and some people are hostile and condescending.

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