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Mike introduces himself and then leaves to give them privacy.

Karl then confides in Susan that he and Brandi are no longer together after he caught her in bed with another man.

Susan and Mike are making out when she is disturbed by the flyer of Martha Huber so turns it over before continuing.

Mikes laughs and tells her that he loves her but Susan says that she is not ready for saying it back.

Feeling aroused Tom goes back into bed and makes out with Lynette.

Claire tells Lynette that she is so embarrassed about last night however Lynette doesn't know what she is talking about and Claire explains that she put her clothes in the washer last night thinking she could dash upstairs without being seen however Tom caught her naked.

Due to how upset he is Susan invites him to join her at Julie's party.

Tom therefore goes downstairs but catches Claire naked, who was just putting her clothes in the washer, Claire turns in embarrassment and Tom goes back upstairs after she agrees to make the coffee.Gabrielle ignores her and states her anger over Carlos's carelessness and her lawyer tells her that she must find the passport.Gabrielle then thinks back to burning the passport in the fire and says she is still looking for it.Andrew expresses his frustration by saying if Bree turns her back on Rex then he will never forgive her and Bree agrees to take Rex in until he is well again.Gabrielle tells Mr Hartley, Carlos's lawyer, that she is running out of money and her maid, Yao Lin, suggests that Gaby sells some of her jewellery since there is plenty that she hardly wares and most of her jewellery is ugly anyway.

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