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The United States Army Engineer Research and Development Laboratory was also stationed here at one point.

View Profile: Fort Belvoir » Fort Eustis Located on Mulberry Island, the Army created Fort Eustis in 1918 after purchasing the land as part of a build-up for World War 1.

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Founded in 1918, Fort Eustis is situated along the James River near Newport News and serves as home to both the Army Transportation Corps as well as the Army Aviation Logistics School. Lee, Fort Lee is located in the Tri-cities area of the Greater Richmond region. S.’s entry into World War I in 1918, Fort Lee serves as headquarters for several U. Army departments, including CASCOM (Combined Arms Support Command), the U. With over 50,000 employees, Fort Belvoir is Virginia’s largest military installation, and is located in northern Virginia’s Fairfax County, and serves as headquarters to numerous U. military departments and their associated agencies. Founded during World War 1, Fort Belvoir was named for the Fairfax family mansion that once flourished on the grounds. Also located in the Richmond-Petersburg region is Fort A. Hill, a multi-purpose installation that serves as a training facility for all branches of the military. The facility also serves to host and train government agency employees including the Departments of the Interior and State, and the U.

In 1819, the largest stone fort built by the Army was constructed on the same spot because of its strategic location.

Finally completed in 1834, it was known for a while as the Gibraltar of Chesapeake Bay.

In 1923 it became a permanent Army installation and was renamed Fort Eustis.

It became a federal prison in 1931, when it was used primarily to hold bootleggers.

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